About This PheWeb

Results displayed in this PheWeb are using Visit 1 data from the SardiNIA cohort. Associations are reported for 120 traits measured in 1,460 – 5,949 individuals (median= 5,814). All individuals were genotyped on four Illumina chips: CardioMetaboChip, ExomeChip, ImmunoChip, OmniExpress, and then imputed using a Sardinian-specific sequencing panel (~4x coverage) of 3,839 individuals. These procedures resulted in ~19 million genetic variants (~18.5 million SNPs + ~890K indels) after imputation quality thresholds were applied (R2>=0.3 for MAF>=0.01; R2>=0.6 for MAF<0.01). Associations were run in EPACTS, using the inverse-normalized residuals of the outcomes in the Efficient Mixed Model Association eXpedited (emmax) single variant test (i.e. a linear model with a kinship matrix) adjusting for age, age^2 and sex. All genomic positions are on GRCh37.

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